Graphite rod

Graphite rods:

Graphite rods are non-metallic products. As an essential pre-welding cutting consumables in the carbon arc gouging cutting process, graphite rods are made of carbon and graphite with a suitable binder and are extruded through a baking torch Sections of copper plated and made, high temperature, good electrical conductivity, not easy to break, suitable for cutting metal to meet the requirements of the shape.

Graphite stick commonly used in high temperature vacuum furnace electric body, the maximum temperature up to 3000 ℃, easily oxidized at high temperatures, in addition to the vacuum, only in a neutral atmosphere or reducing atmosphere. Its thermal expansion coefficient is smaller, the thermal conductivity is larger, the resistivity is (8 ~ 13) × 10-6 Ω • m, the workability is better than SiC, MoSi2 rod, high temperature resistance, Cheaper.

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