All graphite grades and types for any solutions and any industries

Flexible Graphite

Flexible graphite it is natural flake graphite with screened and acid cleaning treatment. Graphite expansion is more than 100 times, flotation pressed into the graphite paper.

Flexible graphite is mainly used for sealing industry. Flexible graphite sheets are mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry.

Flexible graphite paper in these industries is mainly used in machinery, pipes, pumps, valve seals and many other applications.

Graphite foil is a new sealing material foundation, has high temperature resistance (working temperature-200~650ºC in air, -200~3000ºC in non-oxidizing media), corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, very good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good compression rate, rebound rate and low stress relaxation rate characteristics.

Graphite foil: graphite foil and graphite sheets are used for machine sealing and other seals products.

Graphite tape: graphite tape is used for thread sealing and sealing flanges.

Graphite foil with glue: graphite foil and tape with glue mainly used for thread and flange sealing.

Parameters Item
Graphite foil Graphite strengthed sheetBFG304 Graphite strengthed sheetBFG316
Carbon content (%) 95~99.9 all available ≥99.9 ≥99.9
Specific Resistance (μΩ-m) 3~7 3~7
Sulfur content (ppm) 0~1200 all available ≤1100 ≤1200
Chlorin content (ppm) ≤35 ≤50 ≤40
Compressive Strength (Mpa) ≥160
Flexural Strength (Mpa) ≥4.5
TensileStrength (Mpa) ≥40 ≥40
Density (g/cm3) 1 +- 0.05 1.25 +- 0.05 1.25 +- 0.05
Compressing modulus ≥40% 30~35% 30~35%
Rebounding modulus 10~12% 19%