1. Cold isostatic pressed.
  2. Large size available
  3. High density / Fine grain size / High purity / High strength / Low specific resistance / Ease of precise machining
  4. Excellent thermal shock resistance to high temperature and oxidation / good anticorrosion
Isostatic Press graphite

Semiconductor (Monocrystalline Silicon) / Vacuum furnace / Continuous casting / Sealing Products / Space & Medical Industry / Forge Moulds EDM

Heaters / Heat shields / Graphite moulds / Melting and sintering moulds for Pottery & Electronic Products & Cemented Carbide & Diamond & Other precious metals, etc.

Bulk Density g/cm3 MIN1.911.851.801.751.86
Ash PPM50500-1000500-1000500-1000500MAX
Grain Size μm8-102525254-6
Specific Resistance μΩm10-1211~1311~1315MAX14MAX
Compressive Strength Mpa MIN138807555120
Flexible Strength Mpa MIN6040372555
Shore Hardness MIN6055505072
Yong Modulous Gpa1211.51010.512


  1. Ash content of all grades can be purified to 20 PPM.
  2. Special property requirement specially produced.


Size Range0-630mm0-1500mm
Standard Size100/200/300/400/500mm300/400/500/600mm
Size Range0-1500 mm0-600 mm0-400 mm
Standard Size400/500/600/1000 mm400/500mm200/300/400/500/600 mm

Larger size specially pressed.

Smaller size further machined.

Machined parts done to drawings

Anticorrosion cover available (SiC Cover, Pitch Cover, etc)