All  Rockleigh  Graphene is produced and originated  from Best and Purest quality graphite in the world

Rockleigh Industries Inc. – Graphene manufacturer, pure graphene supplier, and graphene applications for a variety of products to suit your needs.

Now Rockleigh has technology and production facilities for Low cost affordable for mass production and commercial use. All Purities Grades and Rarticle Sizes!

ROCKLEIGH Industries will put your company into Graphene Age NOW not 20 years from now! 
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Graphene based

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Graphene enhanced

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Graphene made

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Graphene contain


Graphene is the strongest material in the world, while being lightweight and with extraordinary electrical, thermal and optical properties. Graphene has a lot of possible applications in various fields like batteries, sensors, solar panels, electronics, composites, formulations and much more…

ANY PRODUCTS to reduce weight and improve flexibility, mechanical strength, making your more conductive and transparent.

Graphene manufacturer

We are way passed research phase and actually selling Various Graphene Grades and Types to various Product Manufactures, Formulators and Composite makers listed below:

  • Sports Shoes – making them lighter and more durable
  • Tennis rackets
  • Composite materials
  • Skies
  • Graphene-enhanced applications and products
  • Smart packaging  graphene based Ink.
  • Graphene-based flexible touch-panels for mobile devices
  • Sports gear
  • Bicycle wheels,  parts, helmet and tires
  • Sensors, photodetector and electronics
  • Fishing rods
  • Solid-state drive, featuring graphene copper foil
  • Graphene-based touch displays and Li-Ion batteries.
  • Different types of Batteries
  • In-ear monitor earphones,
  • Technical clothing and gear,
  • Surfing apparel

The only Commercially viable Graphene on the market priced only $6/lb. With the stock availability to be used in mass production.

This will save months if not years of testing, evaluation and designing into compounds and composites.
Graphene Powder
Graphene Textile, Fabric and Yarn

Note: we also supply composites of graphene compound with ABS, PP, PS, PA. TDS quote upon request.

 Standard or your design Graphene fabric 

Graphene Composites and Compounds

A shortcut to save cost and time spent
Dealing with  graphene powder
Dispersion with
Rockleigh Graphene Pellets!!!

Note: we also supply composites of graphene compound with ABS, PP, PS, PA. TDS quote upon request.

Graphene contained – finished / tooled /molded / Machined parts and Products

Further Shortcut to save cost and time spent on
above Pellets  Injection Molding!!!

Rockleigh Graphene enhanced

Please send 3D in STEP and 2D Drawings
with Composite Material, Tolerances and Surface Finish information.


Note: we also supply composites of graphene compound with ABS, PP, PS, PA. TDS quote upon request.

Other Graphene’s