Crystalline Flake Graphite

Crystalline flake graphite is the most anisotropic of natural graphites, it has excellent parting ability and heat conductivity.


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The flakes are thought to be centers of crystalline growth in rich organic shales or limestone which were activated by pressure and heat. Flake graphites are selected for properties such as size, carbon content, softness, heat resistance, alkalinity.

Crystalline Flake Graphite


Percent Carbon 80 – 99 %
Particle Size Range -20 — 5 microns



High metallic sheen and plate like particle morphology.


  • Friction Materials
  • Energy Materials
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Electrical Components
  • Carbon Brushes & Parts
  • Insulation
  • Thread Compounds
  • Drilling Mud Additives
  • Packings & Seals

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