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Also known as “intumescent flake graphite,” or expanded graphite Expandable graphite powder is a synthesized intercalation compound of graphite that expands or exfoliates when heated. This material is manufactured by treating flake graphite with various intercalation reagents that migrate between the graphene layers in a graphite crystal and remain as stable species.

Expandable graphite powder SDS | Expandable graphite powder TDS

Expandable graphite powder

Expandable graphite powder Characteristics

Percent Carbon Min. 99 %
Particle Size Range Size Varies



Silvery sheen and plate like particle morphology before heating. After heating – black worms.


  • Melt Cover
  • Oil Recovery Processes
  • Carbon Brushes & Parts
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Intumescent Fire Retardants

If exposed to a rapid increase in temperature, these intercalation compounds decompose into gaseous products, which results in high inter-graphene layer pressure. This pressure develops enough force to push apart graphite basal planes in the “c” axis direction.

The result is an increase in the volume of the graphite of up to 300 times, a lowering of bulk density, and approximately a 10-fold increase in surface area.

Graphite Central Expandable graphite powder is used as a fire suppressant intumescent additive, as a raw material to manufacture graphite gasket products, as an electrically conductive filler, as a foundry additive, and in a wide variety of other industrial applications.

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