High Quality Graphene Dispersion in Low Viscous Polymer and Resin

Graphite Central® has developed a new technology to produce high quality, ultra-pure, unoxidized, pristine graphene dispersion in various low viscous polymeric matrices and resins for numerous industrial and laboratory applications. The graphene dispersion is made from high quality, defect-free, unoxidized, pristine graphene sheets that are produced by mechanical exfoliation.

The product properties can be tailored depending upon the customer’s requirements and applications. A Certificate of Analysis and Product Specification Sheet for this product are available upon request.



Dispersion color: Light gray, gray or black depending on graphene loading and whether resin/polymeric matrix is colorless or white

Graphene content: Can be customized depending upon request

Purity: 99.9%

Carbon content: 99.7%

Average particle thickness: 0.5-3 nm

Average flake size: 1-3 microns

Number of layers: 1-5


  • Anode and Cathode material development
  • Thermal management
  • Coatings and paints
  • Grease and lubricants
  • Hybrid and Composite
  • Microelectronics and electronics
  • Energy production and storage
  • Sensors
  • Filtration and contaminant removal
  • Catalysts
  • Thick and thin protective films
  • Electrode development
  • Plastics


This product can be directly used for application development, no further treatment or processing needed.

Further instructions can be provided upon request. If you require more info, contact us.


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