High Quality Graphene-Silicon Nanocomposite

Graphite Central® produces high quality unoxidized pristine graphene-silicon (G-Si) nano-composite for Anode, Super-capacitors and Catalysis applications. We have developed scaled up production technology to supply industrial customers.

This product is available as a paste or dried powder. The product is made from high quality defect-free pristine graphene sheets, produced by mechanical exfoliation.

Product properties can be tailored depending upon the customer’s requirements. A Certificate of Analysis and Product Specification Sheet are available upon request.



  • Color: Gray-black
  • Purity: 99.8%
  • Carbon content: 99.7%
  • Average particle thickness: 1-3 nm
  • Average flake size: 1-3 microns
  • Number of layers: 1-5
  • Density: 185 Kg/m3
  • Average Si particle dimension: 50-100 nm
  • BET surface area: 575-670 m2/g (agglomerate)
  • BET Pore volume: 0.25-0.45 cm3/g (agglomerate)
  • This product is available as a concentrated water paste and dried powder.
  • Graphene flake size and composition formation can be customized.


  • Anode and cathode material development
  • Supercapacitors development
  • Energy production and storage
  • Catalysis industry
  • Coating and paint applications
  • Hybrid and composite applications
  • Energy production and storage
  • Sensor application
  • Water filtration and contaminant removal
  • Grease and lubricants
  • Microelectronics and electronics


This product can be directly used for application development using standard procedure. No additional requirements.

This product can be dispersed in water, organic solvents and solvent mixtures by ultra-sonication, high-shear mixture, high-speed mixture, or via standard procedure.

Further instruction can be provided upon request. If you require more info contact us.


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