Impregnated Graphite / Antimony Graphite


Impregnated Graphite / Antimony Graphite

Impregnated Graphite / Antimony Graphite are inherently porous after the material processing.  It is common to impregnate these materials with a Resin or Metal to:

  • Increase the Strength,
  • Increase the Thermal Conductivity,
  • Reduce the Resistivity,
  • Reduce the Porosity, and/or
  • Impart Impermeability.

These benefits can lead to secondary benefits such as the impregnation with Antimony reducing the Porosity leading to a reduction in Blister formation particularly in light Hydrocarbon and hot Oil applications.

Some end-users experience that certain impregnants such as Babbitt (particularly Leaded Babbitt), Silver, and Antimony improve the friction and wear characteristics of the Carbon/Graphite or Graphite Component.  While this beneficiation may be actual, we have not seen this effect in laboratory testing.

Antimony is uniquely efficient at reducing porosity in Carbon / Graphite and Graphite materials.  This is due in part to the low Surface Temperature of the molten metal.